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Last updated Jan 27th 2021, mike@g4kfk.co.uk

  • Codar AT-5 Brochure
  • Codar AT-5 Manual
  • Codar AT-5 DC Power Supply Manual
  • Codar AT-5 Transmitter, RSGB Bulletin May 1965
  • Codar AT-5 Transmitter, SWM August 1965
  • Codar AT-5 Modifications, SWM January 1971
  • Codar AT-5 Modification for QSK CW, SWM December 1975
  • Codar AT-5 Modifications by G3UUR
  • Codar CR-66 Receiver, SWM October 1963
  • Codar CR-66 Service Manual by Gezza (I have no idea who Gezza is, but itís good info)
  • Codar CR-70A Manual
  • Codar CR-70A Service Information
  • Codar Multiband 6 Receiver
  • Codar PR-30 Preselector
  • Codar T-28 Receiver
  • The Pipsqueak - Modifications for the Codar T-28, RadCom August 1973
  • Secondhand Equipment Guide - Codar - Amateur Radio, February 1986